The Symptoms of a Pinched Nerve

Pinched Nerve SymptomsPinched nerves hurt … they’re painful, sometimes very painful … and always discomforting. No one ever wants to suffer from a pinched nerve, but fate occasionally selects even the most careful and reluctant among us. It’s going to happen eventually – no matter how careful you are – and there is probably little you can do to keep it from happening.

That’s because there are many causes of a pinched nerve – unintended injury … poor posture … osteoarthritis … stress related to your job or to your participation in competitive sports … even obesity. Yes … people who are overweight stand a very good chance of being victimized by a pinched nerve.

When and if it happens to you, there will be no guessing as to what occurred. The pain will be a sure-fire giveaway. You will know – without any doubt – that you have suffered a painful and annoying – and troublesome – pinched nerve.

And, on the chance that even sudden, unanticipated pain leaves you “in the dark” as to the causes for that pain, here is a brief list of some of the many symptoms that cause a pinched nerve and the excruciating pain it brings. They are …

  • Numbness or decreased sensation … Just think how frightening this will be if it happens to you. It’s common knowledge that “numbness” can result from a heart attack, but now you know it can also be the result of something less deadly – a pinched nerve.
  • Sharp or burning pain … a pinched nerve results from compression caused by surrounding tissues. If that tissue, a bone, cartilage, a muscle or a tendon presses too hard against your nerve, it will “send” you an unwanted, tactile message – a feeling of extreme, even excruciating, pain.
  • Tingling sensation …it’s been called the “pins and needles” feeling. It’s frightening, but not dangerous. And it’s incredibly uncomfortable when it happens to you. There is little you can do for relief except try to “shake away” the terrible feeling or simply wait it out. In time, the tingling will stop.
  • Frequent feeling that your hand or foot has “fallen asleep.” You know this feeling and it’s terrible. Your foot or your hand “falls asleep” and suddenly feels like a heavy piece of lead, not like one of your living appendages. There may be no worse feeling than this one. Fortunately, it is only temporary. If it happens to you, your foot or hand will gradually become part of your body once again … every bit as awake as the rest of you.
  • And if your pain or discomfort persists … then it is time to see a doctor. He or she will examine you and prescribe medication or medications for you that will quickly alleviate and, in short order, eliminate the problem — enabling you to return to normal.

If any of these symptoms strike you, don’t panic. You’re almost certainly suffering the effects of a pinched nerve. Get rest … lots of it. You should feel “good as new” in about one week. If not, visit your personal physician for help … and for the prescription medication that will make your pain go away.

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