Many people have received chiropractic care, and they credit their recuperation to their chiropractor. This care focuses on how problems with the nervous system and musculoskeletal system affect the health of a person. Care  is offered without prescription drugs, and it often includes realignment of the spine or spinal manipulation. This form of medical treatment also includes counseling on the patient’s lifestyle and diet, and how these may be affecting the condition that is bothering the patient. Chiropractors use a variety of diagnostic tests to assess the condition of the patient, and they sometimes work in conjunction with other doctors.

The most commonly treated condition at a chiropractor’s office is low back pain. Depending on the circumstances of the injuries, the doctor may order an MRI or other testing, but many times the spine is simply realigned. This process is not always a one-time procedure, and it may require repeated visits for additional realignment. This adjustment of the spine is not normally painful, but the patient may experience discomfort in the day or two after the realignment.

This form of medical care does not include pain medication so many times patients think that the chiroprator’s care has not been effective. Chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine that does not depend on surgery as a solution either. Many times, repeated visits are required to see any improvement in the condition. For these reasons, some people do not believe in chiropractic as a genuine form of medicine, despite the fact that chiropractors have as much training as medical doctors. On the other hand, there are thousands of people who have first gone to traditional doctor’s or orthopedist’s offices with no results who then turn to this alternative treatment. Many of them are convinced that the treatment is effective because their back problem, or other musculoskeletal pain, is eliminated by this procedure.

Finding a local chiropractor is generally not a problem because most cities have chiropractic offices. It is usually best to use a practitioner who has been recommended by a friend or family member. Most people are at opposite poles concerning the effectiveness of this remedy, either believing that it is a hoax, or feeling very satisfied that it eliminated their problem. As with all professionals, there are some doctors who charge too much or provide only a few minutes of treatment and bill a patient. Using a practitioner who has been recommended can eliminate problems like these.

Another factor to consider is health insurance coverage. Most plans cover at least part of the cost, and they often require patients to use physicians within their network. If a doctor who is recommended to a person is not in their insurance network, they may have to pay hundreds of dollars out of their pockets. The cost also varies according to the location of the chiropractor. The average cost in the U.S. for a session is $65, but in the South, averages are slightly more at $70. Charges for new patients are often higher, from around $60 to $160 for the visit, plus x-ray charges that vary from around $50 to $150. Some offices offer discounts for payments in cash or for repeat visits.

Many chiropractors also offer massage which averages around $40 per session, and some offer acupuncture. The initial acupuncture session ranges in cost from $100 to $150 for the first visit, and around $65 for each visit afterwards. Patients are also divided on the effectiveness of these procedures, with those who have had no improvement in their condition believing that these methods are hoaxes to get more money out of patients to those who strongly believe in these methods that helped them feel better.

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